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Greg & Kelly Kleinberg, Owners

Get To Know Us

Greg and Kelly collectively have 43 years of fire service administration experience. They started Kleinberg Tech to provide a variety of Technical, Support, and Development Solutions to Fire Departments, Developers, Contractors, Architects, and Civil Engineers.

Greg Kleinberg

Greg Kleinberg

In Greg’s 20 years working for the City of Medford Fire and Building Departments, he gained expertise in fire and building code knowledge.  As Deputy Chief/Fire Marshal, he personally reviewed nearly 1,800 land development applications, performed hundreds of building and fire protection system plan reviews for Fire Code/Building Code/NFPA Standard compliance, and conducted nearly 4,500 inspections, as well as hundreds of fire investigations. He also was the System Administrator for multiple platforms including the ImageTrend Elite records management system.

Greg earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from California State University Northridge. In addition, he has years of experience as a General Contractor and small business owner, and holds the following current certifications:

Building Codes Division (BCD) Plans Examiner A-level

BCD Fire & Life Safety Plans Examiner

BCD Oregon Inspector’s Certificate (OIC)

International Code Council (ICC) Building Plans Examiner

ICC Fire Plans Examiner

ICC Fire Inspector II

Oregon State Fire Marshal (OSFM) Fire Marshal Recognition with Fire Plans Examiner Endorsement

International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI) - Certified Fire Investigator (CFI)  Retired

Greg has a passion for helping people and takes pride in his work. His specialty in ImageTrend is all aspects of Fire & Life Safety, including Location, Occupant, Inspection, Permit, Investigation, and Activity modules. His practical experience in setting up, working with, and automating reports in ImageTrend serves our fire department customers well. His experience as Fire Marshal working with codes, enforcement, and permits helps him streamline the land development and permit processes to aid developers, contractors, architects, and civil engineers.

Kelly Kleinberg

Kelly Kleinberg

In Kelly’s 23 years of working in fire service administration, she gained expertise using spreadsheets, including pivot tables and advanced formulas, to automate processing complex data into usable information using charts and Word documents. She was a System Administrator for multiple RMS programs with expertise in the Operations and Administrative modules of ImageTrend. She is an expert at Microsoft Office Suite and proficiently uses Adobe InDesign to create professional flyers and brochures.

Additionally, Kelly has 9 years of banking and finance experience as well as years of running a small business. She is the Treasurer for her Homeowners Association. Kelly has a passion for organization and automation that will help customers get the information they need quickly and easily.

Greg & Kelly Kleinberg
Greg and Kelly have been married for over 34 years and have two adult sons. They love the Pacific Northwest and have lived in Southern Oregon since 1996. They have complementary skill sets and work together to help you accomplish your goals.
Greg & Kely Kleinberg, Owners
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