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Kleinberg Tech can help you get the most out of First Due by using our expertise to help you set up and navigate the platform so you can use it to it's full potential.

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We can set up the Inspection Module to meet your needs, including:​

  • Designating inspection types

  • Creating custom fire inspection report forms

  • Setting up inspection/plan review checklists with pre-loaded code violations for activities such as:

    • General fre inspections

    • Fire sprinkler systems

    • Fire alarm systems

    • Kitchen hood suppression systems

    • Special events and tents

    • Mobile food preparation vehicles

    • Land development reviews

    • Wildland-urban interface assessments

  • Building agency-specific codes/violations


We can create customized reports to get the information you want. We also specialize in preparing Fire Department monthly and annual reports that showcase your statistics and activities.


We can prepare and clean up existing occupant pre-plan data for successful import into First Due. We can also assist you with getting pre-incident plan information entered.

Occupants & Pre-Plans

  • We specialize in cleaning up and preparing your data prior to being imported, which is a very valuable step to ensure that your end user gets the most out of this valuable tool. 

Preparing for Data Import

We can set up the permit module so that it works well for you, including:

  • Permit types

  • Plan review types

  • Custom permit forms, with valuable code information included in the form for the applicant.


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