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ImageTrend Elite Setup & Support

Kleinberg Tech Development & Technical Solutions was created to help you maximize ImageTrend Elite capabilities in the most efficient and effective ways

Target Hazard/Risk Reduction and Automated Inspection Scheduling

  • Let us show you how to automate your inspection schedule to lighten your workload.

  • We can provide guidance on how to schedule inspections based on risk.

Informative Reporting for Stakeholders

  • Our expertise with Excel Spreadsheets lets us create a template that will take a large amount of data from the ImageTrend reports we create for you and use pivot tables to transform the data into bar and pie charts that tell your story to your stakeholders.

Module Setup

  • Let us use our experience setting up new ImageTrend Elite modules to make your workload lighter. We can take the data from your previous RMS and prepare it to be uploaded into ImageTrend.

  • This includes Fire, EMS, Locations, Occupants, Inspections, Permits, Fire Investigations, Projects, Inventory, Training & Activities, Checklists, etc.

Data Entry Automated from CAD

  • To make great reports, the Data needs to be accurate. Let us work with ImageTrend and your CAD provider to automatically populate as many fields as possible, reducing the possibility of errors.

Data Entry Forms Designed for Efficiency and Accuracy

  • We can create custom forms with field validation and visibility rules. Validation rules help ensure incident report completion and data accuracy, while visibility rules make data entry forms more user friendly by showing or hiding fields based on other input.

  • We can work with the form fields that your personnel use to enter data to make sure you are collecting the data you need to report on.

Customized & Advanced Elite Reports

  • We can create reports in ImageTrend Elite, customized to your specific needs to streamline your reporting.

  • Let us create a set of reports to facilitate data collection on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

  • We can create automated reports that run and then arrive in your email box on your desired schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.).

Mapped Incident Data

  • We can take your incident data and create maps to visualize the data. 

  • We can create heat maps and pin maps that give a clear picture of where your calls occurred.

Plan Review & Inspection Checklists

  • We can create supplemental inspection checklists with pre-entered Fire Code references personalized to meet your needs.

  • Possible checklists include: normal inspection, land development, permit inspection, fire protection system, WUI assessment, special event, etc.  

Fire Station
ImageTrend Elite

Kleinberg Tech can make ImageTrend Elite manageable and useful for your Fire Department

What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

As a team, we have 43 years of Fire Service Administration experience, in addition to years of prior business experience. Greg’s ImageTrend specialty is all aspects of Fire & Life Safety, including Locations, Occupant, Inspection, Permit, Investigation, and Activity modules. His experience setting up, working with, and automating reports in ImageTrend will serve our fire department customers well. Kelly was a System Administrator for multiple RMS programs with expertise in the Operations and Administrative modules of ImageTrend. We are experts at using the features of ImageTrend to the advantage of the Fire Department.

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