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Construction & Development
Construction Project

Project Development,

Life Safety,

Pre-Incident Planning

Kleinberg Tech can help you prepare your project for success, working through the intricacies of land development or construction projects as they relate to the Oregon Fire Code, Oregon Building Codes, NFPA Standards, and local requirements. We also specialize in creating Fire Department Pre-Incident Plans that meet NFPA 1620 requirements and Business Facility Fire Safety & Evacuation Plans that meet Fire Code requirements. 

Subdivision Development


  • Site Plan Review

  • Fire Department Vehicle Access

  • Fire Department Turn-Arounds

  • Aerial Apparatus Access Roads

  • Fire Flow Calculations

  • Fire Hydrant Layout

  • NFPA 1142 Firefighting Water Supply Calculations

  • Alternate Fire Protection Methods

  • Discussions with Responding Fire Departments and AHJ’s


Fire Protection System


  • Fire & Life Safety Plan Review

  • Building Plan Review

  • Occupant Load Calculations

  • Types of Construction Considerations

  • Fire Protection Systems

  • Fire Sprinkler Incentives - Building Code

  • Wildfire Area Ignition-Resistant Construction Techniques

  • High-piled Combustible Storage Requirements

  • Fire Extinguisher Layout

  • Emergency Planning

  • Fire & Life Safety Plan Review

  • Building Plan Review

  • Occupant Load Calculations

  • Construction Types

  • Fire Protection Systems

  • Fire Sprinkler Incentives

  • Ignition-Resistant Construction Techniques for Wildfire Areas

  • High-piled Combustible Storage

  • Fire Extinguisher Layout

  • NFPA 1620 Pre-Incident Plans

  • Target Hazard and Occupancy Risk Assessment Ratings

  • Facility Fire Safety & Evacuation Plans



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Greg Kleinberg served the City of Medford Fire and Building Departments for 20 years, including 12 years as the Medford Fire Department Fire Marshal.


He personally reviewed nearly 1,800 land development applications and associated site inspections, performed hundreds of building and fire protection system plan reviews for Fire Code/Building Code/NFPA Standard compliance, and conducted nearly 4,500 inspections, as well as hundreds of fire investigations.


Greg earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, has years of experience prior to working for the City as a General Contractor and small business owner, and currently holds the following certifications:


  • Building Codes Division (BCD) Plans Examiner A-level

  • BCD Fire & Life Safety Plans Examiner

  • BCD Oregon Inspector’s Certificate (OIC)

  • ICC Building Plans Examiner

  • ICC Fire Plans Examiner

  • ICC Fire Inspector II

  • OSFM Fire Marshal Recognition with Fire Plans Examiner Endorsement

Greg Kleinberg
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